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Join our Sharing Circle(s)

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11:30 am - 1:00 pm CDT

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Stillpoint Spaces Zürich
Klosbachstrasse 99
Zurich, 8032

We invite you to our new initiative of the Sharing Circles recurring on a monthly basis. Together we will be exploring different topics of interest, sharing ideas, reflections, feelings and intuitions while supporting each other to deepen our insight about a wide scope of topics ranging from the personal/psychological to the social, cultural and political. The evenings will take place in a relaxed, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. No prior prior expertise is needed. The only requirements are an openness to listen to others, curiosity and active interest to enable a space of shared learning. Small apero will also accompany our conversations. On the 29th of June we will be introducing this new format and will be inviting you to join us with your ideas and contributions.

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