Laura munteanu spsz

Vernissage, Laura Munteanu

Laura munteanu spsz

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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

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Stillpoint Spaces Zürich
Klosbachstrasse 99
Zürich, 8032


Join us for an intimate exploration of the moving artwork of Laura Munteanu. Through image, texts and three-dimensional object-installations Laura leads us through a journey that reveals the intricate complexities binding darkness to light, absence to presence, the inner world with its outer manifestations.

During the evening you will have an opportunity to view Laura's works, be introduced to its context by the artist and also attend a select reading of the accompanying text.

You can preview Laura's art in the gallery

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Stillpoint Spaces, an organisation aiming to constructively subvert the field of psychology by enabling practitioners and the general public to engage with psychology in new contexts and formats conducive to exchange and critical cross-disciplinary inquiry, are now running a small psychoanalytically curated art gallery in their Zurich space close to the city’s Kunsthaus. The aim of this undertaking is not to psychologise art, nor to aestheticise psychology, but rather to explore the boundaries between different psychological discourses and artistic practices with the aim to cultivate critical thinking and to explore interior landscapes.

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